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1. E2mom x 53 pause back squat3 down 3 pause 1 up2. E2mom x 615 kb swings12 wall ball9 burpeesIf you fail to complete in 2 min continue amrap for 12 min

1. choose one of the followA. E2,5mom x4, 8 bench pressesB. E2,5mom x4, 5-5-3-3 reps front squat2. in teams of 3, 30 min time cap4 rounds of50/40 cal row6 legless rope climbs40/30 cal airbike or 50/40 Bikeerg30 front squats 40/25kg 

1. E2mom x 53 power clean not touch and go2. tabata thisRow or bike or skiergAlternative db snatchesFront step lunges with a db front rack*one arm db hang power clean and jerk*20 on 10 off8 rounds each exercise, 2 min

1. E2mom x 55 dead stop dead lifts tempo 2-2-12. Emom 20 min1st min 12/9 cal row2nd min 15 kb swings3rd min 10 db thrusters4th min rest

1. E2mom x 43 power snatchesnot touch and go2. In teams of 3 22 min capSplit reps as you want150/110 cal row150 box jumps over150 wall ballRemaining time max hspu or hand release push ups

1. E2mom x 42 squat snatches2. E2mom x 410-8-6-4 reps bench press3. Emom 10 min1st min 7 hang power snatches2nd min 7 ohs4. 3 sets of10 barbell triceps overhead extensions10 db lateral shoulder raises

1. E2mom x 55 pause back squats3 sec down 3 sec pause at the bottom 1 see up2. 5 rounds,each for time14 alternative one arm devil press50 du5 bar muscle ups or 10 c2b pull upsRest 1 min 

Warm up, 6 min amrap for quality40 sec on a machine10 kb swings5 downdog to updog5 world greatest stretch each side1. E4mom x 320/14 cal row or 1510 cal airbike20 alternative db snatches10 burpees over db2. in teams of 2,

WHAT IS CrossFit?

Το CrossFit είναι μία μέθοδος γυμναστικής για όλο το σώμα με καλά αποτελέσματα. Στο πρόγραμμα αυτό χρησιμοποιούνται τα καλύτερα στοιχεία και οι πιο ωφέλιμες ασκήσεις για τον άνθρωπο και την υγεία του, από διάφορα αθλήματα και συστήματα προπόνησης.


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